Can I prune a tree overhanging from my neighbours?

Acclaim Tree Care and Services strongly encourage good neighbourly relations – and so we highly recommend you approach your neighbours first and speak to them first.  It is best you keep on good terms with your neighbour and resolve any potential tree issues before they get out of hand.

If you have a neighbours tree hanging over your land, you can:

  • exercise the common law right of abatement – your right to remove overhanging branches and roots to your boundary line;
  • decide whether to return the lopped branches, roots or fruit to your neighbour, or dispose of them yourself.

When exercising the right of abatement, take care to comply with any applicable tree or vegetation protection orders.

Your legal rights concerning trees growing on a neighbour’s land which affects you is covered by the Neighbourhood Disputes (Dividing Fences and Trees) Act 2011.

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